1. The 2021 February Mixed Pairs will be hosted in RealBridge from 22nd to 24th of February, 2021.



2. All participants are bound by the regulations within this document.


All players are welcome to register, yet some can be refused at the discretion of the organizer. 


At the moment pairs are registered, they automatically agree to play according to the conditions in this document.


Should a pair be disqualified and/or withdraw by their own choice (before or during the event), there will be no refund of entry fees.



3. Schedule of play:


Monday, 22 February 2021

11:00 EST (17:00 CET) – 15:00 EST (21:00 CET) – Qualifying stage. Day 1 (30 boards)


Tuesday, 23 February 2021

11:00 EST (17:00 CET) – 15:00 EST (21:00 CET) – Qualifying stage. Day 2 (30 boards)


Wednesday, 24 February 2021

11:00 EST (17:00 CET) – 15:00 EST (21:00 CET) – Finals A & B (33/30 boards)



4. Qualifying Stage


The qualifying stage will be played over two days and will consist of approximately 60 boards played in 3-board rounds.


Scoring will be done “over the field”. For each pair, the matchpoint score for each session is converted to a percentage. If some sessions consist of a different number of boards, the percentage scores will be adjusted pro rata.


The top 12 pairs from the qualifying stage will advance to the Final A. 



5. Final Stage


There will be a linear carryover score from the qualification (1 top). The final A will be played in a barometer Endless Howell movement (11 rounds of 3 boards). 



6. Running the game


All players involved must be online and logged in to Real Bridge 10 minutes before the start of the session at the latest.


In order to log in to Real Bridge players must use the special link provided by the tournament organizer in advance.


For the first qualifying session the pairs may take any side (NS or EW) at any table. For the next sessions the starting positions will be assigned by the Tournament Director.


All tables will play duplicated boards.


Although the event will be played without ‘screens’, which means all four players can see each other, players alert and explain their own calls (like on BBO).


Systems Policy: HUM and Brown Stickers methods are prohibited.


Players may not consult their system cards or notes between the start of the auction period until the end of the play (including their defense notes vs 2D Multi opening).


The gravest possible offence is for a partnership to exchange information through non-public communication or (individual) players self-kibitzing.


If players experience highly suspicious plays, we encourage you to send a report to the organizers at mmt@bridgeresults.org. We will not reveal your name as source.


The normal playing tempo is 7.5 minutes per board. The Tournament Director may remove unplayed boards if in his opinion a delay in finishing the round in the allotted time would interfere with the smooth running of the competition.



7. Request of the TD ruling


The Mixed Team strongly encourages participants to play in the most respectful way. Any player can summon the Director to the table in case of irregularities. The time for a request for a TD ruling expires 30 minutes after the end of the match. All requests will be decided by a qualified Director (if appropriate - in consultation with other directors and/or world class players); no further appeal will be possible after the TD’s decision.


To submit protests, you should send email to: mmt@bridgeresults.org



8. These Regulations may be amended and augmented at the discretion of the organizing committee if circumstances so warrant so as to ensure the smooth, efficient and enjoyable execution of the events.


Although the MMT are not aligned with any bridge organization, we will cooperate with all authorities and provide all information necessary to detect and prevent cheating.



Last update: February 21, 2021